/ pa2fs

Filemanagent tool for Compaq iPaq Personal Audio Player PA-2 memory cards.
Copyright © 2003-2023 Tobias Geijersson



pa2fs is an effort to implement a tool to upload/download files to the Compaq iPaq Personal Audio Player PA-2 memory cards using a standard MMC USB reader.


Use the forum (currently out of order due to spamming) for support or to contact me at the e-mail address in the footer.


Windows Linux/UNIX




Version 0.1.0 beta (build 9):

Version 0.1.0 beta (build 5):

Version 0.1.0 beta (build 4):


0.1.0 beta (build 11) 2004-05-15
  • 128MB support!
  • Fixed better handling of cards with different size than 64MB
  • (linux) Fixed "Show all files in dialog" *.* replaced with *
Known Issues:
  • Backup/Restore will return error if card and image sizes mismatch
  • Create empty file image will only create 64MB images
0.1.0 beta (build 9) 2004-01-01
  • Changed layouthandling to wxWindows Sizers
  • Resize and hide logwindow
  • Key shortcuts (F2 or CTRL+N) and menu item for rename
  • (linux) changed back to default device /dev/sda1 due to devfs depricated in 2.6
  • (linux) Fixed dragging in Linux (still no visible feedback during dragging)
0.1.0 beta (build 8) 2003-12-06
  • Core changes:
    • Caching frequently used blocks on card.
    • Smarter fileloading algorithm when adding file to card.
  • GUI changes:
    • Added accelerators for common used tasks:
      • DELETE delete selected
      • INSERT add file
      • ...
    • Added removable warning dialog when deleting and exiting
    • Changed layout ruler to Sizers (main window left to convert) to better handle different font and window sizes
    • Clickable Url in about dialog
  • Added up to date check reminder (if you forget tu check for updates)
  • Linux version still contains som GUI bugs
0.1.0 beta (build 7) 2003-11-27
  • Changed List to show in kB
  • Changed Statbar to never use more than 3 numbers instead of always byte
  • Bugfix, showed -512 bytes free if no free blocks left (512 bytes is needed for fileheader)
  • Fixed Coredump in Linux Version
  • Fixed dropmarker when drag'n drop
0.1.0 beta (build 6) Internal Release
  • Fixed small icon transparence and added a big item, there is still problems with the alpha channel
  • Added Credits
  • When drag'n drop, add new files over the one dropped on.
  • Change order with drag'n drop
  • Implemented filedialog to add files
  • Implemented filedialog to choose cardimage
  • If nonexisting file is mounted, it will be created as an empty image
  • Fixed the guage in the statbar
  • Added a Close-button on About window
  • Remebers:
    • Window Size
    • log window size
    • Last used Card(image) + Recent list of 5
  • Remember list position between changes (but unselect selections)
0.1.0 beta (build 5) 2003-11-21
  • First public beta.
0.1.0 beta (build 4) 2003-11-20
  • Prerelease beta. alpha 2003-06-06
  • Bugfixing release for alpha testers. alpha 2003-05-12
  • First release of a console based testshell for core pa2fs objects to alpha tester.


0.1.0 beta (build 11):

  • Win32 or uncompressed as pa2fs.exe
  • GNU/Linux pa2fs.bz2 (please let me know if you are using it!)
  • Source Not released yet